Business and Professional Services
Business and Professional
Business and Professional

Technology impacts every aspect of your business, but it also moves incredibly quickly. It’s difficult to keep up with new developments along with all the things you need to do to run your business efficiently.

We provide recommendations, implementations and custom research to help your organization save time and money and improve results.

Perhaps most important are the training solutions we implement to help your workforce improve productivity, solve problems and bring new insights about how to perform their jobs better.

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Corporate Training
Corporate Training

We provide customized training for employees. We run workshops or engage in one to one training sessions.

Our focus is helping employees and executives master technology to:

– Improve personal productivity
– Enhance communication
– Solve problems

A workforce well trained in modern technology helps reduce the budget you need to spend on support, while at the same time making employees better equipped to solve problems and identify new opportunities.

Your CTO
An On Demand CTO

Your IT department might be great, but they are not necessarily well equipped to provide your business with strategic advice about technology.

We provide strategic technology advice and research on an as needed basis. We live and breathe technology, and can research options to solve a host of issues, make recommendations and work with your team to implement solutions.

Often, you may be surprised at the number and the cost of solutions currently being offered over the web to businesses of all sizes.

Office Productivity, CRM, Inventory, Project Management, Data Backup… All these areas and more are moving online. Let us research, recommend and implement for you.

Security and Backup
Security and Backup

As you and your employees live more and more of your lives online, security becomes a concern to even the smallest of businesses.

Are your employees being careful with company and client data? Are they putting sensitive information on social media? How are they representing you and your company online?

And if your data is secure, are you prepared in the event of data loss?

We’ll perform an audit, recommend areas for improvement, provide training for recommended solutions such as password management, and implement and test backup and recovery for your business.

Corporate Presence
Corporate Presence

Smaller businesses are sometimes unaware of the impression they send operating from generic email addresses, such as gmail and hotmail. It simply costs very little time and money to get your own domain and present a more professional presence.

We will acquire a domain name, setup your email and integrate all your devices in a few hours. We can even set up a virtual phone system for you. We will also make recommendations regarding your web and social media presences.

Start presenting yourself and your company in a bigger, more professional fashion.

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