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Home and Lifestyle
Home and Lifestyle

Getting the best return on your investment in money and time is the key focus to our Home and Lifestyle practice.  We take the time to learn how you live your life and what you like to do.  We recommend the right tools and technology to simplify your digital life so you control it, not the other way around – allowing you to continue enjoying everything else you like to do.

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Manage your devices
Device Management, Setup and Training

With all the options available to you, purchasing a new device can be a confusing endeavour.

We’ll help you purchase that new phone, computer or gadget. Then we’ll help you set it up and get it working with whatever other technology you have running in the house. We’ll provide app and software recommendations to help you get the most out of your new gear.

We can also provide one on one or group training for your family, as well as ongoing support packages.

Home Networks
Network your Home

Computers, phones, tablets and even televisions and game consoles all talk to each other today.

We’ll advise and set up the best home network for your needs. We’ll call in pros to lay cable or get the best performance out of your wireless network. And we’ll make sure nobody is stealing your wifi or snooping on your network.

You can be sharing files, printers, scanners and hard drives in no time. You can also be sharing photos and streaming audio and video to any room in your house.

Let us show you how.

Home Theatre and Entertainment
Home Entertainment

Today, getting your equipment is just the beginning. We can provide purchase advice and setup, but there’s so much more!

We can integrate your phones and tablets into your setup. We can make sure you have access to all of your music, videos and photos from anywhere.

We also specialize in Home Theatre PC builds and setup. Ask about our custom Mac build to bring all the options from your computer into your living room. Control it all from one remote or from your phone.

Photos, Music and Videos
Digital Media

It seems the more options you have for digital media, the more complicated your life becomes. What you really want is to enjoy your stuff from any room in your home, or on any device that you own, and have it be simple.

We can digitize old photos, provide ongoing management of your cameras and make sure your photos are backed up and can be shared online.

We can rip all your CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays, get them on to a media server, and then get content on to all of your various screens.

We will tackle the chaos of your digital media collection and help you enjoy it again. Let us show you how.

Manage Service Providers
Service Providers

What are you paying for? Do you really need it? Are you paying too much?

We can help you manage and source the best technical service providers for your needs. We can consolidate, and even eliminate some of your bills.

Get the upper hand with your cable company or carrier and let us negotiate your next rate plan or cable package.

We can even show you how to get rid of cable altogether with streaming and other solutions and options.

Solutions for Parents
Solutions for Parents

Parenting can be a tough job made more complicated by new technology. You don’t want to spy on your kids, but you want to make sure they’re being safe online. And you don’t have the time to master new technology in the way that they do.

We can implement solutions to block sites for younger kids, restrict internet use to certain hours, and know where you’re kids are.

We can give you training in the basics of popular social media services so you have an idea of what your kids can get up to.

We can also do a security audit for you and your kids, make sure they’re being safe, and suggest areas for improvement.

Security and Backup
Security and Backup

Identity theft is a greater risk than ever as we do more and more online. Protect yourself by implementing basic security strategies for your personal data.

We can perform a security audit of your network as well as your personal computing practices. Stop using guessable passwords on multiple services by implementing password management software for you and your family.

Protect against loss of data with easy and robust backup tools. We can implement a whole house backup solutions complete with online backup and even offsite storage. Just ask us how.

Get Organized!
Email and Scheduling

Get your family and home life organized with family email, scheduling and sharing tools.

We can set you and your family up on your own domain name with personal addresses. Share schedules with family members. We’ll sync schedules, mail and contacts to all of your mobile devices and computers too.

Share pictures, files and documents seamlessly and easily.

We’ll set you up with the best online services, train family members and provide support.

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